TerraME Project

What is TerraME?

TerraME is a development environment for spatial dynamical modelling based on multiple models of computation: Cellular Automata Theory, Agency Theory, General System Theory. The integration of components of these theories has been mixed up in a novel model of computation, namely, Nested-CA. It allows the development of multi-scale models, in which each scale represents the real world in a certain extent and resolution. In TerraME, a scale is modeled by a Nested-CA. Each Nested-CA is a module that works in a black box fashion, i.e., to work together they just need to now the input and the output of others scales. They do not need to how they have been implemented. These Nested-CA can also be hierarchically organized to represent different regions of Earth surface or different phenomena of one region. Nested-CAs at higher level controls the collaboration among Neted-CA at lower levels.

Each Nested-CA can embeds several cellular spaces, i.e., irregular grids of cells, used to represent the micro-world landscape. Each cell can have many attributes to characterize socioeconomic and biophysical properties of each space location. Agents and automata acts upon the space changing its properties. Their behavior can be conditioned by location properties. So, they are situated in this context. In TerraME, cellular spaces can be linked to geographic databases for data storage and retrieval.

TerraME is mainly used to develop model in which locations are independent variables. The outcomes of these models are maps that depict the spatial distribution of a pattern or of a continuous variable. Among the typical applications of TerraME are Land Use and Cover Change modeling (LUCCME), Emission of Greenhouse Effect Gases modeling (INPE-EM), Risk Analysis and Early Warning ( TerraMA2), and Vector-born Diseases Control modelling ( PRONEX Dengue).

Download TerraME software

Download the TerraME modelling environment: www.terrame.org.

Spatial Temporal Application Models

  • CLUE version in TerraME - Land Use and Cover Change Modelling in Brazilian Amazon CLUE.
  • TROLL version in TerraME - Simulating the Tropical Forest Sucessional Process: TROLL
  • Spatial dynamic modelling and simulation of Aedes aegypti populations - The Rio de Janeiro Study Case: SAUDAVEL

Future Developments

A TerraME course

  • TerraME RC4 course available, Feb 2010.
  • Curso CNPQ - Rede Dengue course.